Today, once again, I had to partake in my least favorite part of living in Philly…the airport. It may be the most inefficient place in America. I hate to go there. The line for security is always a disaster, not to mention the summer time weekend travelers (STWT) who have not the first idea what they’re doing. They pack like idiots, walk like turtles and ask lots of silly questions.

Today one weirdo STWT actually boarded the wrong plane…


Is this possible? Apparently so. On my Southwest flight today someone who didn’t belong
on the plane managed to squeeze by the ticket checker. Southwest then decided they had to call role. Yes, you read that right, role like in grade school. Eventually the idiot ran off the plane like a terrorist, making the other STWTs on the plane go into a mass panic attack.

The grand finale on the flight was the Broadway-wanna-be flight attendant singing his Southwest Air edition of “There’s no business like show business” or in his case “There’s no business like being a male flight attendant“.

I can’t wait to fly again in 3 days! At least SWA has good prices for the STWTs! Check out their link if you need some cheap travel with no charge for entertainment!


2 responses to “STWT + PHL = HELL

  1. amazing. i’ve never heard anything like this. p.s. the sopranos sucked a big one.

  2. and i have no clue who eduardo is, why he reads my blog, or why the hell he thinks he can call my lips funny.

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