I love US Weekly. It’s my Friday weakness. I love it more than any other tabloid because I love to look at the pictures and read the little captions, far more than reading the stories. However, more than US Weekly, I love playing photog with my friends and the fun pics that remind me of how much I love and miss them. In honor of my love for the paparazzi and having photo shoots, I’ve decided to share a few choice pics with you, with my very own captions listed below. Enjoy…

Local Celebs are just like us: They hail cabs!

“I have hot friends!” (That I miss dearly!)

Eeka: “Who decided that we should bend down in a row and take a picture?”

SJ: “I don’t know, but it makes for a pretty cute picture!”
Sue: “I guess I’ll take the credit, looks like one of my ideas.”

Just because Stephan said Fish Face, does that mean we have to do it?


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