To Posh or not to Posh?

Posh and Becks have landed in the US…and in prime time no doubt. Last night the debut episode of Victoria Beckham: Coming to America debuted on NBC. Aside from her amazing haircut and delicious husband, I didn’t think that I would want to watch for more than a few minutes. That was until she went to the neighbors house…

These crazy old ladies were too much fun! Hope when I’m old I can still hang out with my girlfriends all dressed up mid day and take shots of Tequila. The lady pictured above was great! She did the funniest dolphin impression in America. From the looks of Posh’s reaction I don’t think she had seen an impression this great in England either…

See more of Princess Posh Let me know you’re thoughts…I’m sure it will make for frivolous conversation. Which I love!


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