I love birthdays!

So it’s been a full week since my “actual” birthday, however I started the fiesta a few days earlier and have managed to stretch it out for about a week now. I believe that I deserve this, because it was my “golden” or “champagne” birthday, for I turned 25 on July 25th!

Birthday #1: An amazing dinner with a great friend. Great food, great company, what more could a girl ask for. (5 days prior to my actual birthday)

Birthday #2: Fun dinner, fun atmosphere, fun stuff…enough said. (1 day prior to my actual birthday)

Birthday #3: Good food, work friends, pretty much all shop talk. Fun, no doubt, but not birthday fun! NO CAKE…who does that? No cake on your birthday??? (Acutal big day)

Birthday #4: New friends (see I heart Charlotte) and a fun night out in Charlotte! (2 days following birthday)

Birthday #5: PARTY!!! A harmless dinner at Bone Fish (I love that place-another blog, another day), when my boss, yes you read that right, says that he has gotten a limo for me and another friend in class who recently had a birthday too! It was super fun! We partied like it was my 21st bday, not my 25th. The only thing that would have made it any better would have been some of my friends from home and a BS of course (Or perhaps a BB). I was placed on the piano at the bar where all of the men stranded me with “You’ve lost that lovin feeling”. PRICELESS.

**See coral dress…worn for 3 of 5 of my celebrations! It has become my trademark birthday dress.I sort of love it, and when you live in a hotel for months on end, your wardrobe becomes limited!


2 responses to “I love birthdays!

  1. I need to post pictures of your star performance rather than Chris’. You were much more entertaining…..

  2. mAsOn & tErrI's mOm

    I love the drees and I LOVE that song! 5 birthdayS? Yep you don’t have kids…I get bump squat but a big ol kiss from my 4YO. (I wouldn’t trade with you…but I HIGHly suggest we switch for a while.)

    Oh btw…I’m Elizabeth, I clicked Charlotte on my profile and it took me to a bunch of people and I clicked you b/c you were my age . . .and you actually had a picture that didn’t look like a you were a “strangie!” So HEY!

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