Go Panthers

I admit that I only watch any type of sports for social reasons. I don’t care who wins or loses aside from the fact that a lot of people that I’m friends with do, and when their team looses they are in a super bad mood, and I don’t like that, so I cheer for their team so they can be in a good mood!
Kirsten told me last football season that I had to like the Bengals. I lived in Lexington at the time and I’m from Ohio, so that seemed pretty natural. So, after a season of Sundays at BW3’s, football 101 w/ KF and screaming “Whodey!”, I thought I was a set Bengals fan.
Now I live in Charlotte and was invited to my first Panthers tailgate. I’m sure from now I’ll like the Panthers and I have a quick list of reasons why I’m no longer a Bengals fan, and like the panthers.
1. Teal is a much cuter color than Orange!
2. QB David Carr is delicious
3. Tailgates outside are more fun than going to BW3’s (not that I don’t miss QT with KF)
4. Panthers don’t like the Steelers either…which seems to be a common thread with my Bengals alliance
Give me a few more weeks here and I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a few more reasons. But this football season, I’m Panthers all the way!

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