Monthly Archives: September 2007


When I was in middle school I used to love Fridays because we would order pizza and watch TGIF, you know with Erkle and all of those cheese ball shows. I couldn’t wait! Now as an adult, I can’t wait for Thursdays! It means only one more work day until the weekend, and a bottle of wine and great TV!

This week is premiere week and tonight I wasn’t let down! I cried for both of my favorite shows…they were both amazing! I can’t wait until next week!


I balled my eyes out at the end. I wanted Santos to be with Hilda…I thought he’d changed. I also think it will be a good season with Daniel and Alex. However, I’m having a hard time looking at Rebeca Romaijn the same.


I want McDreamy and Meredith together. I’m over this on and off stuff. I’m sad for Christina and I’m not too sure what I think of Izzy being a home wrecker. But I think it’s going to be a good season!

I heart fall TV!


I heart marathons

I was so busy this summer I didn’t get the chance to watch this show all season. Thank goodness for MTV not having time to play real music videos and getting the rights to play things like “So You Think You Can Dance” marathons! I feel fulfilled, aside from getting the chance to vote…I couldn’t get mad when the good ones got voted off at noon and I thought they should stay! I do love Sabra though!

She’s back…

I’m so excited for this season of Top Model. Tyra is back…of course…crazy as always. I miss Tina and Wednesdays aren’t the same without her, but I have new great neighbors who love the show too! I haven’t formed an opinion on my favorites yet, but with a cast that includes a stripper, a few ghetto fab girls, a “real life” non-plus sized model, a bikini waxer and an autistic girl I’m sure there will be some good TV!

Day dreaming…

Maybe I didn’t think of teachers this way, but there are other people that I talk to in life that I don’t hear a word they say because…

Turkeys and Toenails

This is gross. I wish I could say I did something this creative…however when my boyfriend moved out and left his turkey…I sent it back to him in a box on top of all of his other things he left behind. Ha!

New Jeans!

All of you know how much I love to shop, most of you also know that I am super self conscious of my booty…therefore I HATE jeans shopping. I decided that my denim selection was sucking, and I needed to shop! I went to Nordstrom and was helped by the greatest denim diva. After trying on about 1 million pairs, I decided on these two!
I’ve never had Paige jeans before and I love them, I feel like they suck in my thighs and give the booty a little lift!
I love my other Citizens, so it only felt natural to get another pair! Now I’m hooked and want to buy more…we’ll have to see how these work out first. I also want to see if the B Risque classes get my booty into shape!

Into the Wild

So this friend of mine told me that I should check out the book Into the Wild. I am constantly in the car, so I decided I would listen to it. Based on a true story, it’s about a young guy who leaves his entire life behind and tries to make it on his own in Alaska. I actually liked it a lot, don’t tell my friend though…I would hate for him to ever think he was right about something.

Apparently it’s going to be a movie directed by Sean Penn. Hottie Emile Hirsch from Lords of Dogtown and Alpha Dog will be playing Alex/Chris. I will go see it, just because he’s delicious!

It’s a short read so check out the book pre-movie.I always think that it’s better that way!