Jobs I would NOT want to have

Since I am in the car a ton, I find myself having lots of random thoughts. Most recently I have been thinking of jobs that I would never ever want to have…Top 5 in no order.

1. Gas station cashier: This would be very scary because sometimes they work late at night and robbers always seem to be hitting up gas stations. Not to mention that NO ONE likes to get gas, it is stinky and overpriced. PLUS you would have to smell gas all day long.

2. Dental Hygienist: Loads of people neglect their mouth. GROSS. No discussion.

3. Road side trash picker-upper: Wait, those are prisoners…but if that was a real job, I wouldn’t want it.

4. Stripper: I love to dance and feel sexy. However, my body still aches from Pole Jams last week. I think I pulled a muscle and I suck at it. See B Risque’ post.

5. Security guard at airport x-ray: People are stupid and they don’t listen, this among other things about their job would drive me insane. See SWA post.


2 responses to “Jobs I would NOT want to have

  1. Sara-
    This is the funniest thing I have ever read. One, because I can hear you speaking the words you have written. Second, you spelled losing wrong…go fix it. That’s the English teacher coming out in me. Third of all, love you and miss you every day!! Remember to email me all the time now that you have it and keep writing in this so Jay and I can laugh!!

  2. hey sara!!
    I thought this would be a good entry to leave a comment on b/c not only are these jobs that are completely insane, but i am glad to be able to say that my sister is not now or has ever been a stripper and for that i say thank you! love and miss you always!

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