New Jeans!

All of you know how much I love to shop, most of you also know that I am super self conscious of my booty…therefore I HATE jeans shopping. I decided that my denim selection was sucking, and I needed to shop! I went to Nordstrom and was helped by the greatest denim diva. After trying on about 1 million pairs, I decided on these two!
I’ve never had Paige jeans before and I love them, I feel like they suck in my thighs and give the booty a little lift!
I love my other Citizens, so it only felt natural to get another pair! Now I’m hooked and want to buy more…we’ll have to see how these work out first. I also want to see if the B Risque classes get my booty into shape!


One response to “New Jeans!

  1. I hate trying on denim. My booty isn’t the problem it’s my big ass gut! I feel your fear of shopping for jeans but it looks like you found some winners! Keep on shoppin babe!!!!

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