When I was in middle school I used to love Fridays because we would order pizza and watch TGIF, you know with Erkle and all of those cheese ball shows. I couldn’t wait! Now as an adult, I can’t wait for Thursdays! It means only one more work day until the weekend, and a bottle of wine and great TV!

This week is premiere week and tonight I wasn’t let down! I cried for both of my favorite shows…they were both amazing! I can’t wait until next week!


I balled my eyes out at the end. I wanted Santos to be with Hilda…I thought he’d changed. I also think it will be a good season with Daniel and Alex. However, I’m having a hard time looking at Rebeca Romaijn the same.


I want McDreamy and Meredith together. I’m over this on and off stuff. I’m sad for Christina and I’m not too sure what I think of Izzy being a home wrecker. But I think it’s going to be a good season!

I heart fall TV!


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