Pool side babble

So I’m in Miami and it’s cloudy as can be. I’m bummed out by this for 2 main reasons.
1. This is supposed to be my mini break before my big meeting starts.
2. Once the meeting starts, I’m sure it will be sunny and then I won’t be able to lay by the pool.

Yesterday I flew in on my favorite airline US Air. (BTW-this is not my favorite). Although she was not sleeping, the woman in front of me insisted on keeping her seat all the way back! Taking up most of my personal space. I couldn’t move…who does that?

On the flip side, I get to spend time with some of my favorite people this week like Peggy, Jules and the rest of my training homies! There will also be some other fun work people here and overall the trip won’t be too bad. Just cross your fingers that it gets sunny!


One response to “Pool side babble

  1. I cannot believe you are complaining about being in MIAMI!! You are in freaking MIAMI!! I am stuck here in Lex with the stomach virus…thanks to being a high school teacher!!
    Love you lots and miss you!!
    Make sure you start looking for a dress!!

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