Hangover Hell

In case you care, I’m super hungover and stuck on a bus filled with work people on the way to the airport.

Some things in life are worth paying for though…last night I went out in South Beach to Mansion and partied with my work boys and danced my booty off pretty much all night long. It was good time for the most part, until I had to wake up after only 3 hours of sleep.

PS- A word to the wise…Don’t snoop unless you’re 100% prepared for the worst. Trust me on this one. I am currently embarrassed and at a loss for words after a mini snoop session during my adventure last night. If you feel the need to snoop, trust your gut. More than likely- you’ll be right.

3 responses to “Hangover Hell

  1. ms. sara i am very curious what you found in your snooping adventures and since we really don’t know each other i should get to know…

  2. you just ignore and the there will be regret. my email for future gossip is eworshamjohnson@gmail plus you made my blog list…b/c i love people who will tell all. i know making my blog list was very high on your priorities.

  3. Um, please call your best friend ASAP and let me know what you found on your snooping spree. Ha ha…I can only imagine.

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