So this week, I had to spend the night in Anderson, SC and was lucky enough to have the company of Elaine Miller, one of my product specialist. She grew up around Anderson and invited me out the “Shag Club” with her mom and sister, who are members.

In case you’re wondering what “Shag Dancing” is, according to their web site, it’s the Official State Dance of South Carolina since 1984. Originally, the Carolina Shag formed out of the Charleston , and Collegiate Shag . However, today there is no resemblance to them at all. The name, Carolina Shag originated at Myrtle Beach in So. Carolina in the 1930’s, when back then, the dance was a mix of the Charleston and Collegiate Shag (according to 10/1938-Dance Index Mag. “Carolina Shag” descriptions) with some of the original basic steps being called the: Cuban Step, Shuffle, Twinkle etc.

Not only do they “shag”, they also do a few line dances in between. This one was called the “cupid shuffle”. I had no idea what I was doing. Thank goodness the people in Anderson were ready to teach me to dance.

Elaine’s mom’s boyfriend was the best Shag teacher ever. He was my partner and forced me on the dance floor with the rest of the super star shaggers.

What’s sad is that people don’t dance the way they used to. I hope that one day I find someone who will dance with me until I’m in my70’s!


One response to “Shagin’

  1. Break the shit down, Brems!

    You are SO America’s Next Top Model with that shizz. Keep it real, yo!

    Your KY pal,

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