What will I do without TV?

My week passes faster because of television. It’s how I know what day of the week it is and provides consistency and sanity that my life lacks. For example…

Monday: Well, I don’t really watch TV on this day, Just I love NY (but Jules hearts Chuck and this will make her sad)
Tuesday: Nip/ Tuck
Wednesday: Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money
Thursday: Greys, Ugly Betty
Weekends are for FUN, not TV…go outside and do something
Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters

But I do think that the writers strike could be part of the death of America. We will all go crazy watching reality TV crap.I think that this NYT article sums it up. (Thanks Cam and Perez)

“If this strike lasts longer than three months, an entire season of television will end this December. No dramas. No comedies. No Daily Show. The strike will also prevent any pilots from being shot in the spring, so even if the strike is settled by then, you won’t see any new shows until the following January. As in 2009.”
Lost co-creator and head writer Damon Lindelof

If this happens I will cry and be sad. At least the new Twilight book will be out by Fall 08 to pass some of the time!


One response to “What will I do without TV?

  1. Hi Sara,

    I’ve never heard of these books you are reading…what are they about??
    I LOVE reading your blog. 🙂

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