Bye Bye Heather

The Fan Favorite, Cover Girl of the Week for all 9 weeks, Heather, is no longer in the running for the title of America’s Next Top Model. Personally, I’m not surprised at all. She takes beautiful pictures and I have no doubt that she will work as a model in the future, but she was not my favorite.

I think that the last two will be Saleisha and Bianca! Jenna and her stinky attitude will be sent home next week. Who knows what Tyra has up her sleeve next…all I can say is GO SALEISHA!


3 responses to “Bye Bye Heather

  1. Hi Sara,
    I love Chantal! Even though they have already had a tall blonde win.
    I’m hoping Bianca goes next. She rubs me the wrong way!

    ~Michelle 🙂

  2. I don’t think Mike is going to be happy hearing that you don’t think his girl will be in the top two, and i am soo sad about heather, she was my girl!

  3. i am so glad salisha won she was my girl and you know chantel if so e-mail me at thx bye

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