Shopaholic Movie!!!

I heart Sophie Kinsella books! My favorite ones are the Shopaholic series. Today as I am killing time waiting for my furniture to arrive, I was reading her website to find that they are making a movie out of the series! Production is going to start in January 2008 and will be filmed at Disney! YEAH!!!

According to IMDb, Sacha Baron Choen’s special lady friend and baby mama, Isla Fisher has signed on to play Becky Bloomwood.

Who would you have cast????

PS- Today I learned that Sophie Kinsella is also Madeleine Wickham , and has written a slew of other books in the UK! Who knew?


6 responses to “Shopaholic Movie!!!

  1. Miss Meowsers

    Love your blog!

    I’d rather have Kristin Davis from Sex and the City play Becky. Boo on the casting department.

  2. I agree that I love Kristen Davis, but do you think she could put on an English accent and pass the entire movie?

  3. I LOVE Sophie Kinsella too, I do have some of her books as the other name, but I don’t get it. Why two names???
    ~Michelle 🙂

  4. Um hello. I had no idea, you just made my day! Whoop whoop

  5. Hey! You managed to misspell the author’s name…twice.

  6. Thanks for the heads up! Some nights I blog pretty late and things slip. Eek! Fixed.

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