Ten Favorite Things to Complain About

  1. My cell dropping calls– I my BB and I have a love hate relationship. AND who doesn’t have a cell these days? There should be towers everywhere! Should is the key word here!
  2. Traffic/Drivers in general– When you drive 700+ miles a week, it happens. People who forget that there is a right lane too, people that drive too fast, people that drive too slow, people that get mad at me for being on my cell…you get the point!
  3. Men or lack there of…– it seems like I’m either talking about the lack of them, or how annoying they are. Never anything good. I think I will be eternally single.
  4. Stupid people who won’t see me -even though I drove 200 miles to see them.
  5. The writers strike– has anyone taken TV watchers into consideration.
  6. Angie not teaching at Monroe Rd. anymore– it’s breaking my B’Risque Heart.
  7. Getting old– some days I’m ok with it, but others days I can’t handle it!
  8. Not being able to buy my house– Paying someone’s morgage is getting old fast.
  9. People who are rude– there are a lot of them…at the store, in my neighborhood, at the gas station. It seems like the holidays can make things worse too!
  10. My Brother’s Wedding– Perhaps it goes back to #3. It just seems to be stressing people out.

2 responses to “Ten Favorite Things to Complain About

  1. Love your list of complaints, as a lot of them are mine, too. Some of the ones that didn’t make my list would definitely be on a 20 things list for me. I especially like #s 3, 5, 8 & 9. These writers need to come off strike. There is NOTHING to watch on tv anymore!!! Happy Wednesday to you!

    Jennifer 🙂

  2. I think that your #10 should be a higher priority. At least you can’t complain about getting lost since Neigel!!

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