10 on a Tuesday, 2 days late

I guess that it makes it 10 on Thursday.

Ten Things I want for Christmas (dream list):
  1. Diamond Stud Earrings .5 karats. My favorite jeweler in Cbus, click here.
  2. A sleeper chair for my spare room. (Will not be under the tree, but perhaps in the spring.)
  3. A house that I own.
  4. David Yurman Cocktail Ring.
  5. A Dyson vacuum.
  6. A Kitchen aid Mixer.
  7. La Creuset Cookware. I love the Caribbean Blue!
  8. Some new clothes. I’m loving J. Crew, Nordstrom, BCBG and Anthropology right now!
  9. CL shoes as mentioned in other blogs.
  10. A week long vaca in the Bahamas, living as good as I did when I went there with Sarah Z.

Ten things I want for Christmas (reality):

  1. To see my family
  2. A purchase order (No matter how small it may be for.)
  3. BS time- I think it came as an early gift!
  4. A mini break
  5. An alarm clock/radio that you can plug an iPod into.
  6. Black Boots
  7. Time with friends
  8. A day without driving.
  9. Red hot cookies.
  10. A massage.

3 responses to “10 on a Tuesday, 2 days late

  1. I will give you red hot cookies! Yummy!


  2. i LOVE David Yurman and hope to get something this year too! Its normally the only thing my mom gets me for Christmas I didn’t pick out!!

  3. i got a kitchen aid mixer from my mom’s best friend as a wedding gift! it is still one of my favorite gifts i ever received!! i use it all the time!! my husband even thinks it’s fabulous – which is hilarious and awesome!! haha!

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