Mixed Model Emotions

Tyra and Saleisha, America’s Next Top Model

Photo from CW.

All of you know that I have loved Saleisha from the beginning, and I’m so excited that she won, and I won my bet with M&M! But now I’ve been reading a lot of news that things may not have been as fair as they seemed. According to many articles, including this one that I read on E! online, Saleisha and Tyra go back further than her T-Zone camp that was discussed earlier in the season. Click on the article, then follow the links to see video of Saliesha in fashion shows on ANTM and The Tyra Banks Show. Not to mention that she was part of a Wendy’s national ad campaign in 2006. My Top Model spirit is crushed!
Cycle 10 begins Feb. 20! I hope that this season Tyra can play fair…
Who do you think should have won???
PS- Twiggy will be replaced next season by Paulina Porizkova. I’ll miss here! Thank goodness I still have Nigel Barker!

One response to “Mixed Model Emotions

  1. Here’s a link with all of the pictures of the models for Cycle 10. Marvita is back. I did not like her in the last cycle’s casting.


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