Ten New Years Resolutions

  1. Quit Snoozing…this is a few bad habit of mine. I sleep until the very last minute possible and then end up running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.
  2. Self Motivate…I’m not lazy, but I need push myself more to do a lot of things. It would make my life better.
  3. Manicure…I’m good at getting my hair done, but not at keeping up on my nails and brows.
  4. Gossip less…I love a good piece of gossip, but I hate it when others do it. I need to focus more on me.
  5. Work harder on my fitness…I need to tighten up!
  6. Save…save money and pay off ccard in the process.
  7. Purge…get rid of the things that are weighing me down, food, things I don’t use, people that make me sad. I did pretty well at this last year, just a few cobwebs to dust away.
  8. Read more…I believe that the writers strike is going to help me out with this one.
  9. Love my singledom…aka- quit wasting time thinking about men.
  10. Live for today, stay positive and not get too down on myself if 1-9 don’t go as planned.

2 responses to “Ten New Years Resolutions

  1. Hooray! You can do it all! You are amazing!

  2. i snooze and hate it. i didn’t till i got married!! (of course I like to blame things on Nate like not working out…)

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