Ten Best Gifts Ever

I know that it’s Christmas, but I just have to list the 10 best gifts, not just Christmas!

  1. My offer letter from Siemens, I just came in April and my life will never be the same. The first week there, I couldn’t take a smile off my face and all I could say was, “It feels like Christmas!”.
  2. My siblings, I’m so lucky to have them.- If I post the pic of us together again, my sister will be so mad at me! So see this post.
  3. A mini break with my girl friends. I wish I had a picture to post, perhaps I will try to dig one out and post it when I get home. Mere and Mel and I went to Miami one holiday. It was fun! We need to take a mini break again soon!
  4. A CD Walkman! It was the coolest thing ever. I also got the TLC Crazy Sexy Cool CD.
  5. Samantha, the American Girl Doll. My mom was so slick, I thought that all I got was a coat. She wrapped in an American Girl box and tried to trick me. She also got me a ton of stuff. It was one of the first Christmas’ after my parents divorced and she tried to hard to make it perfect for my brothers and I. When I think about it now, it was. We had each other.
  6. My doggie, Sophia Grace. My mom paid for half of her for my college graduation.
  7. My first cell phone. I was a senior in high school and I was working at the mall. The Verizon man delivered it to me in the middle of my shift at Guess? My mom is like me and once she buys a gift, she can’t wait to give it! I was so surprised and I think I’ve had one attached to my ear ever since.
  8. My digital camera. I love to take pictures. I take it with me almost every where.
  9. My travels as a kid. My mom always made sure that I got to go to dance nationals, karate championships, choir trips, etc. It was so fun. I’m so thankful that I was afforded all of the opportunities that I did growing up. It just makes me want to work harder and harder
  10. Kate Spade bag. Also my senior year. My BFF Mere was so stylish and made me want to be. All I asked for was a Kate Spade Sam Bag. I didn’t think that I would get it, but I was soooo happy when I did. No one at school understood my fixation with having a designer bag that wasn’t Coach, but I thought that I was so cool. I still love her bags today.

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