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One more card

I know who I would send this card to…who would you?

I love these….

If you love cards as much as I do, check out this site Made By Girl. She makes the cutest earth friendly cards ever. And she has a cute blog too! Check her out here!

Blogging Buddies….

Let me introduce you to the best blogging buddies a girl could ask for….

Meet Mere: She is my real life BFF, the blond making the fish face. We have been friends since my sophomore year of HS. After we met, we were pretty much attached at the hip until college. When people see us together now I’m sure they think, “I can’t believe they’re still always together!” She just had some life altering things go on, and she’s trying to cope by writing. It always works for me! I’m interested to see the direction she takes her blog. It just started this week, so the best is yet to come!

Meet Cameron: She is a friend of my friend Tina (Who I may mention has temporarily quit blogging due to computer malfunctions.) She writes about all sorts of fun stuff and is a movie buff…Speaking of Buff…she loves Buffy and all things like her! Check her blog out, you’ll love it!

Meet Emily: She is also friends with Tina, and sister of Tina’s friend Fred. I hope to meet both her and Cam one day when I get back to Lex. Emily always has the cutest finds on her site. She is moving to Vegas and has started a site to follow her journey.

Meet ‘Dre: This is not a picture of her, but since I don’t have one and she blocks you from stealing them on her blog, I have substituted with a photo that she took from our friend Steph’s wedding. She may be one of the funniest people that I know. We worked together at Malone’s for years, and now I keep up with her via blog.

Last but certainly not least, meet Jules: Jules and I went through a pretty life changing summer together. We both left everything we were comfortable with, packed our bags and moved to completely new towns to start a new job! Not to mention that we spent almost every moment of every day together from April-August while we trained. I talk to her for at least 30 minutes daily. Her blog is rated PG-13, due to sexual content! She’s so silly…I love it!

Friends I wish would blog:

  • Soon to be Meredith B.
  • The Girls of 4354
  • Lori “Meow” Luginbuhl
  • Tina…start again, I miss you!

Don’t Drink the Water

Apparently, if you live in Hollywood and drink tap water, you’re bound to get pregnant! Don’t do it! I don’t have all the gory details, but our friend Perez does!

Jamie Lynn Spears is 16 and preggers! Seriously Momma Spears, where are you? You’re not taking care of Brit or your younger daughter…. Nickelodeon will not be happy! I hope they drop you. Did you not learn from your sister?
Lilly, I love you. But you are a hot mess. Quit the vices and think of your kids!

Jessica, you’re going to be one hot mama! But Cash? Seriously? You need to start planning a little better!

Ten New Years Resolutions

  1. Quit Snoozing…this is a few bad habit of mine. I sleep until the very last minute possible and then end up running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.
  2. Self Motivate…I’m not lazy, but I need push myself more to do a lot of things. It would make my life better.
  3. Manicure…I’m good at getting my hair done, but not at keeping up on my nails and brows.
  4. Gossip less…I love a good piece of gossip, but I hate it when others do it. I need to focus more on me.
  5. Work harder on my fitness…I need to tighten up!
  6. Save…save money and pay off ccard in the process.
  7. Purge…get rid of the things that are weighing me down, food, things I don’t use, people that make me sad. I did pretty well at this last year, just a few cobwebs to dust away.
  8. Read more…I believe that the writers strike is going to help me out with this one.
  9. Love my singledom…aka- quit wasting time thinking about men.
  10. Live for today, stay positive and not get too down on myself if 1-9 don’t go as planned.

Sunday Secrets…so many good ones this week!

Me too!
I always wanted my mom to pick me up from school, but she always had to work.

This is just too funny.

Even doggies have secrets!
Check out the rest here.

Mixed Model Emotions

Tyra and Saleisha, America’s Next Top Model

Photo from CW.

All of you know that I have loved Saleisha from the beginning, and I’m so excited that she won, and I won my bet with M&M! But now I’ve been reading a lot of news that things may not have been as fair as they seemed. According to many articles, including this one that I read on E! online, Saleisha and Tyra go back further than her T-Zone camp that was discussed earlier in the season. Click on the article, then follow the links to see video of Saliesha in fashion shows on ANTM and The Tyra Banks Show. Not to mention that she was part of a Wendy’s national ad campaign in 2006. My Top Model spirit is crushed!
Cycle 10 begins Feb. 20! I hope that this season Tyra can play fair…
Who do you think should have won???
PS- Twiggy will be replaced next season by Paulina Porizkova. I’ll miss here! Thank goodness I still have Nigel Barker!