Ten on a Tuesday (Wednesday Edition)

Ten Predictions for 2008
  1. The presidential race will not be what people expect it to be.
  2. I will sell at least one large piece of equipment. (Please PRAY!)
  3. Men will continue to show up at my door wearing hoodies! (Again, PRAY, but this time that doesn’t come true).
  4. A cute guy will move into the newest phase of my complex.
  5. There will be drama at John’s wedding.
  6. Tomkat will get pregnant again.
  7. I will be disappointed in all movies that I have read the book. (Twilight and The Other Boleyn Girl)
  8. Lindsey Lohan will be pregnant or go back to rehab.
  9. One of my good friends will move to Charlotte! (This is more of a hope!)
  10. I will run the bridge in Charleston!

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