2008 is going to be great!

I hate NYE for the most part. There’s always so much pressure to wear the right thing, go to the right party, have the right cocktails….you get the point. So this year, I decided I didn’t care what I did, as long as I was with my new friends in Charlotte. I thought that it was important that I stick around here, because this is where my life is now, and there’s no reason to keep looking back.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great friends from OH and KY that will always be important to me and that I love with all that I have.

Mike, MO, SAS, Erin and some of their friends went out to a small bar in Elizabeth called LOFT. It was fun, but not over the top. I spent some time getting ready, but didn’t buy anything new. I was with good people and that’s all that matters this year!

Susan (SAS), Megan Thompson (Mike’s sister), RO (MO’s Sister),Kelly (neighbor), Me, and Soon to be Megan Thompson (aka-MO).

I feel like I was put in my neighborhood so that I could meet good people. Aside from MO, I met SAS. She is good friends with Erin, and lucky for me, they let me in their inner circle.

They’re my new running partners, hair dressers, Wii champions, martini partners, shopping buddies and overall just good friends!

If NYE is any indication of how my year is going to be, hold on tight…I should have a lot to write about!
Cheers to 2008!

One response to “2008 is going to be great!

  1. you are just so cute in that dress

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