Picture from Bravo
Frankie Godoy is on Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel. He is delicious and has been seducing me through the television for the last two weeks…if he doesn’t stop soon I may jump through my Sony and…

One response to “Delicious

  1. Banana Pancake

    With all due respect to SuperBoy, I can’t help of thinking to myself that the young man in the picture reminds me of this amazing lad in the Carolina’s you’ve neglected to fulfill an obligation to. Taking your time may become a learning experience Miss SJB…..time is a beautiful thing to waste, when it’s done appropriately…….Its true; certain dudes posses that
    killer, unexplainable glow that you seek from the man inside your SONY…..Time will tell if he physically exists in your life. The clock is making its rounds……tick, tock, tick, tock….


    FYI: The dress is Rad and I’ve yet to see a chick serve as a grooms(wo)man in a wedding….I dig folks that think outside of the box. John & You are admirable!!!

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