Groomsman Atire Idea

Spring ’08
What do you think about this dress for John’s wedding? I think it would look good with all the other Tuxedos, but still super girly and way hotter than a taffeta frock!Not to mention that I’ve been lusting over it since Christmas and I want to buy it and I desperately need a place to wear it. PLUS, it would look killer with a pair of CL’s! I need your thoughts…

7 responses to “Groomsman Atire Idea

  1. i love it. i love the idea too. my friend was practically raised by her mom not dad and her mom wants to walk her down the isle but she thought that was too non-traditional i’ll have to tell her about this!

  2. this is so sexy and classy , i say YES : )

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  3. I say WHY ARE YOU EVEN ASKING? It’s adorable and perfect for your groomswoman position in John’s wedding. I still can’t believe he is getting married. I miss you Sara!

  4. I know it’s nontraditional, but I love the idea of standing up for him! I love him sooo much and I can’t imagine not being a part of his day. I think I’m going to go get it this weekend!

  5. It is SO cute! I saw one of the stars wearing it in US Weekly today. You’ll look great as always!

  6. So have you not told me some things? Are you standing up in the wedding now but on your brothers side? But wait…..what happened to the PW dress?

  7. Ok I read a little farther and I get it now. That is a fab idea and an even more fab dress! I think it is simply perfect.

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