27 Dresses

This was so adorable, go see it, tomorrow…tonight if you can catch a midnight movie! Katherine Heigel was so adorable, and James Marsden was delicious. It was romantic, witty, and hysterical.
Thank goodness the only weddings I’m in this year are Mere’s (where I get to be her maid of honor, and pick out my own green dress) and John’s where I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing the dress listed in the blog below. No hideous taffeta, lacy silk thing…

4 responses to “27 Dresses

  1. Hold on a second…

    Did Meredith and Josh get engaged???

    Am I missing something?

    More info needed!!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  2. No…I have another Meredith in KY that I’m good friends with as well. I seem to attract Merediths as friends for some reason.

  3. I was going to say…!! 🙂 Well, congrats to your other Meredith!


  4. i really want to see it. i almost saw it but saw PS I love you instead. it was so sad.

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