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Que Sara, Sara…

Of course I know the song actually is spelled “Sera, Sera”…but the meaning, “Whatever will be, will be”, is all that is important. These days I’m trying to decipher what I can control and what I can’t (and not let the things that I can’t, get in the way). I’ve had a very tumultuous day and I’m thankful to say that it ended on a good note with good friends.

There is a small amount of drama going on with the house I’m trying to buy…but if it doesn’t work I guess I’ll just have to try again with a new one…

I’m starting to feel like real-estate investments are like men. Until the final paperwork is singed, don’t get emotionally attached, or else you’re likely to get hurt. Things can go wrong. But…have no fear! Because there are always more homes, and always other men!

Sera Jane


I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I didn’t…Volume One

I was browsing blogs tonight and I was inspired by a few…just a few thoughts of the night.
I wish I knew…
…what my dog was thinking.
…if the girl will accept my offer on the the house.
…if the customer will buy the MRI that I want to sell him.
…if he’s thinking about me.
…what the weather will be like next weekend.
…why people drive like idiots.
…how much sleep I can live without.
…how to filter my thoughts.
…how much longer I’ll have to wait.
…how to NOT wear my heart on my sleeve. (Thanks Hope.)
…who really reads my blog. (Leave me a comment!)

I wish I could forget…
…other people’s opinions of people.
…how contaminated lemons are in restaurants. (Thanks Laura and the Today Show)
…that he dated her.
…that cars were broken into again last weekend.
…exactly what it feels like to have a parent give up on you.
…how it feels to be the one who loves more.
…how much a speeding ticket costs.
…all of the words to Rent, Hairspray and the Lizzie McGuire Movie.
…that the next year of my life is going to get worse before it gets better! UGH!
**Thanks Brandy and Hope for the inspiration. Looks like we have a few things in common!

The Perfect Work Distraction

We all know I love Jen’s CARDS and BLOG
…she lead me to a new blog HOPE DIES LAST.

Hope had the sweetest chain of blogs The Man Series. It’s adorable and I know that you’ll love it as much as I do. She’s in Greece, which makes it even more fun to read!

Birthday, Bowie and Big Sexy

The Three B’s that Sum Up My Saturday

1. Birthdays: It was Ann’s Birthday, she’s not in the pictures, but that’s what we were celebrating. She’s so fun and I love any reason to celebrate. Dinner at Los Ramblas w/ P2, Erin, SAS and Jules.


2. Bowie: A random old man sitting at the bar told me I looked like David Bowie! Ugh.

The conversation went a little something like this:
Drunk Old Balding Man: Are you famous? You look famous?
SJ: Are you?

(I leave out the part that I dream of being in US Weekly)
DOBM: Well you look hot. You’re fabulous, just like David Bowie.
*I get a vision of The Labyrinth’s “Goblin King”. UGH!*
SJ: Did you seriously just tell me I look like David Bowie? Seriously?
DOBM: I think it’s the hair in your eyes, and that makeup.
(Now that I’m looking at the photos side by side, I don’t think my scarf helped my cause)
SJ: Not a good thing to tell a girl…
DOBM: I guess that’s just the price you pay for being so HOT. People might tell you, you look like David Bowie.


3. Big Sexy: Aside from my ladies looking delicious, I saw more attractive men at Ed’s than I have my entire 6 months in Charlotte…there maybe should be a pic of some hot thing I managed to get home and on my couch (long story)…wouldn’t you like to know…


…or Why you don’t carry Gucci bags to Small Hospitals.

This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a while and one of my favorites as well. I love the idea of blogging, and her writing is what saved her from unemployment! I have to admit, there are days that I fear what would happen if I were laid off. The best part is her bringing her Prada bag to file for unemployment. I always have to make sure that I don’t bring my fun Gucci into my work accounts. I would never want them to think I make too much…not that I do, I just blew it all on a bag! Her writing style reminds me of my friend Andrea . Click here for a taste of her adorable blog Jennsylvania!

Sarah B.

Stu and Sarah Brown

Sarah B. (Formally Sarah W.) and I have been friends since kindergarten. She’s one of the oldest friends that I have, and I’ve always found her to be fabulous!
Growing up she was allowed to color her hair way before I was, her bedroom was this adorable room with hardwood floors that her parents built as an addition to their fun house, and she had wide leg LEI jeans way before I ever knew they existed…When we were in college, she went to IU and I was at UK. She told me about Michael Star tee’s, fun sweatbands to wear to class and how to cut your own sweatpants like a pro! So it’s no surprise that she had her hands on a copy of Sophie Kinsella’s book Remember Me? weeks before it came out! She lives in London and it came out there last week! Because she’s such an amazing friend, she sent it to me! I can’t wait to start reading it.
I called her today to chat and tell her thank you, and she’s just as fabulous as ever. She has the most adorable husband, Stuart, and they just moved into a new flat! Now, not only is she super stylish and trendy, she has picked up the cutest accent that makes mine sound so red neck! She also says fun words like “lovely”.

Well I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Sarah B. is lovely, and I’m so lucky to have a great long time friend! I miss her and I must say, I see a trip to the UK in my near future…like within the next 12-18 months!

Ten things I Love

I have been a bad 10 on a Tuesday blogger. I thought that I’d try this week, but when I checked to see what it was, I had just done it LAST WEEK ON V-DAY! I know that it’s called “10 on a Tuesday”, but I love sooo many things!