Running Update…

This week has been so good as far as my running…I’ve be practicing on the treadmill, just to gain some confidence. I got up to a record 2.5 miles and I was so proud…that was until today!

This morning I went running with SAS and Erin. They told be we would have our first outside run…I was so super nervous! They said just a few miles…like 2 or so…ugh!

Well, I wanted to quit after about 5 minutes and cry. In November I tried to run and made it about a half mile to this daycare center by my house, and today, I wanted to stop there again. But I didn’t; I kept going and following their lead…just about 15 feet or so behind them. When we were headed back to the house, I saw the daycare center again but now I had surpassed my stopping point by miles! Moral of the story…I didn’t stop at all. And at the end, they told me I actually ran almost 4 miles! I can’t believe it!

That’s only 2 more miles to add in the 9 weeks until the bridge run! YEAH!

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