Happy V-Day to me

Who says you need a lover in order to celebrate Valentines day? Love yourself enough to buy yourself what you need, want and deserve. I did! In the words of Kristopher Dukes, “You can’t say ‘I love you’ without the I”.

By no means was this an intentional purchase, but when I walked by the window of Bob Ellis, Charlotte’s designer shoe haven, they were calling my name…

CLFUs: “Hello Big Sexy. You work hard. You deserve to at least try me on and see if I’m worth all the buzz.”

SJs Brain: Shut up. There are many other things I need to spend my money on this week, like food…I guess it doesn’t cost anything to try…and I’ve been trying to watch my waist line…

CLFUs: “You think you’re big and sexy now…just think of how hot we’ll be together! Delicious!”

So that’s how I ended up actually in Bob Ellis. Then I met the shoe diva, who told me that I deserved to at the very least try them on! She said all women deserve things that made them feel fabulous, and even your everyday woman deserves to feel like a celebrity. (Perhaps she didn’t say all of this, but in my head she did and that makes for a better story.)

Once I slipped my toes into that 4.5 inch slide and looked down at the adorable bow and the boss red heel, I felt like Audrey walking down the red carpet! I was only in jeans and a tee, and not made up at all, but I felt like I just slipped into a Zac Posen and was waiting for Jude Law to meet me at the end of the red carpet.

CLFUs: In case you forgot BS, you DESERVE me. This moment is the best you’re going to feel all week, unless you take me home with you! Then I’ll always make you feel good, and I don’t talk back. PS- Don’t forget I will ALWAYS fit you!

SJs Brain: You may not talk back, but you’re going to set me back…

CLFUs: Quit thinking and buy me now, you know you want to! DO IT!

And that was how it was done. I’m an addict! I also tried on these lovelies…thank goodness they didn’t fit!

PS- How fab will they look with my “groomsman” dress?

*Very important rule: They can not be worn until I complete the Cooper River Run and run the entire thing! Not that I have anywhere to wear them to in the mean time…


3 responses to “Happy V-Day to me

  1. i love them and you will look great in them!

  2. LOVE the shoes, but I can not believe you haven’t bought the other pair that you have been longing for!! 🙂


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