Green with…

Meredith, Megan Sue and Me
Fall ’07
One of my best friends from college, Meredith, is getting married this spring. She is having a very low key wedding and I am the maid of honor. Actually, I’m the only bridesmaid. This is wonderful not only because I get to stand up for someone who means the world to me, but because I get to wear whatever green dress I want, with the stipulation that it’s “green like grass”, not olive or emerald, etc. Thank goodness J.Crew has come out with a line of adorable brides maid dresses. I’ve ordered the one pictured below.

J.Crew Sophia Dress

Then I got to thinking about the color green…

The first thought to come to my mind was”Green with envy”. Maybe this color is perfect for me these days I’ve found myself so jealous of those in happy committed relationships. Especially today, the commercial day for love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for those who are fortunate enough to find love. I’m just impatiently waiting for my turn.

Then after some research and thought, I’ve learned that green also represents many other things:

Hope: I always hang on to hope…it’s what gets me out of bed each day. Hope for health, happiness and love…hope that this marriage bring an amazing future for Meredith and Jay.

Growth: Hopefully I’m not growing out, but Meredith and I have certainly grown up a lot since the last time we stood next to each other at the alter.

Money: Hopefully I’ll be making some this year. So perhaps wearing green more often will inspire me to continue to work hard and push myself, as well as provide luck for prosperity for not only me, but for the bride and groom.

Stoplights: Green means “GO”, so all of the single men at the wedding will have no doubt that I am available. šŸ™‚

I’m so happy for Meredith and Jay! I can’t wait for her beautiful March wedding, and I think that green will be the perfect fit! (I just hope the dress fits…it’s on back order…UGH!)

One response to “Green with…

  1. You can not go wrong with J.Crew! I love the Sophia dress!
    ~Michelle šŸ™‚

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