Birthday, Bowie and Big Sexy

The Three B’s that Sum Up My Saturday

1. Birthdays: It was Ann’s Birthday, she’s not in the pictures, but that’s what we were celebrating. She’s so fun and I love any reason to celebrate. Dinner at Los Ramblas w/ P2, Erin, SAS and Jules.


2. Bowie: A random old man sitting at the bar told me I looked like David Bowie! Ugh.

The conversation went a little something like this:
Drunk Old Balding Man: Are you famous? You look famous?
SJ: Are you?

(I leave out the part that I dream of being in US Weekly)
DOBM: Well you look hot. You’re fabulous, just like David Bowie.
*I get a vision of The Labyrinth’s “Goblin King”. UGH!*
SJ: Did you seriously just tell me I look like David Bowie? Seriously?
DOBM: I think it’s the hair in your eyes, and that makeup.
(Now that I’m looking at the photos side by side, I don’t think my scarf helped my cause)
SJ: Not a good thing to tell a girl…
DOBM: I guess that’s just the price you pay for being so HOT. People might tell you, you look like David Bowie.


3. Big Sexy: Aside from my ladies looking delicious, I saw more attractive men at Ed’s than I have my entire 6 months in Charlotte…there maybe should be a pic of some hot thing I managed to get home and on my couch (long story)…wouldn’t you like to know…


2 responses to “Birthday, Bowie and Big Sexy

  1. One nighters….should be proud. It’s a good thang we never did cross paths….Ciao,BpCakes

  2. Seriously? I mean…don’t be jealous becuase you’ve never met my fabulous couch! XXXX

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