I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I didn’t…Volume One

I was browsing blogs tonight and I was inspired by a few…just a few thoughts of the night.
I wish I knew…
…what my dog was thinking.
…if the girl will accept my offer on the the house.
…if the customer will buy the MRI that I want to sell him.
…if he’s thinking about me.
…what the weather will be like next weekend.
…why people drive like idiots.
…how much sleep I can live without.
…how to filter my thoughts.
…how much longer I’ll have to wait.
…how to NOT wear my heart on my sleeve. (Thanks Hope.)
…who really reads my blog. (Leave me a comment!)

I wish I could forget…
…other people’s opinions of people.
…how contaminated lemons are in restaurants. (Thanks Laura and the Today Show)
…that he dated her.
…that cars were broken into again last weekend.
…exactly what it feels like to have a parent give up on you.
…how it feels to be the one who loves more.
…how much a speeding ticket costs.
…all of the words to Rent, Hairspray and the Lizzie McGuire Movie.
…that the next year of my life is going to get worse before it gets better! UGH!
**Thanks Brandy and Hope for the inspiration. Looks like we have a few things in common!

5 responses to “I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I didn’t…Volume One

  1. BREMZ,

    A.) Why don’t you have a photo of my on my b-day? Little disappointed.

    B.) Do I know the boy you are wish you knew?? and the girl you wish you didn’t know dated him? Gees Louise!

    C.) Wish I knew…When this work day would be over! Hence, me writing on your blog.

  2. I read your blog!! 🙂

    I am also curious about the boy….


  3. I wish I also knew why people drive like idiots!

    And I’ve just started reading your blog. 🙂 Curious about this boy…

  4. I for one am so proud of you, I could never give up on you, and I know that you were born to have someone love you as much as you love them. You are my shining star, and I could not go thru one day without thinking and talking to you. Love Mom

  5. Hi Sara J Bremer –

    Thought I’d let you know I checked out your bloggie. Gosh I miss you! Just started thinking about how you won swimsuit with my boobs and almost blew coffee out my nose. Hope things are well with you – would love to catch up. Kwatts5878@yahoo.com. Love, Kirstin (Rigelman) Watts

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