Que Sara, Sara…

Of course I know the song actually is spelled “Sera, Sera”…but the meaning, “Whatever will be, will be”, is all that is important. These days I’m trying to decipher what I can control and what I can’t (and not let the things that I can’t, get in the way). I’ve had a very tumultuous day and I’m thankful to say that it ended on a good note with good friends.

There is a small amount of drama going on with the house I’m trying to buy…but if it doesn’t work I guess I’ll just have to try again with a new one…

I’m starting to feel like real-estate investments are like men. Until the final paperwork is singed, don’t get emotionally attached, or else you’re likely to get hurt. Things can go wrong. But…have no fear! Because there are always more homes, and always other men!

Sera Jane


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