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Better Single than Sorry

I have hot friends. Very hot. HOT HOT HOT. They are delicious driven divas who work hard and play hard…yet most of them are surprisingly single. Having these amazing women around me, makes me feel confident with the direction my life is going, regardless of my lack of a man.

Overall, I’m so happy with the path my life has taken. I love my job, I love my friends and I love that I’m at a point in my life where I can do what I want, when I want and on my own. Would I love to have someone in my life to share it with? Absolutely. But why should my relationship status define me?

With this weekends wedding season kickoff, this has been weighing on my mind lately. I stood up in Meredith’s wedding and gave a killer toast that resembled this blog. Everyone loved it!

Meredith was a beautiful bride. Her son was adorable. Her husband was sweet. Everything was perfect with the exception of a handful of crazy wedding guests. Apparently there’s a large segment of the population who believes that if you’re not married by the time you turn 30,you will be eternally miserable. These people find it necessary to check in on the 20 somethings at weddings and remind them that being single is the worst possible way to live your life.

Crazy Wedding Guest: “When are you getting married?”

SJ: I’m not. *Smile*

CWG:“Are you dating anyone seriously?”

SJ: I’m not. *Fake Smile*

CWG: Oh…that’s so sad.

SJ: Not really. I’m 25, I have a job, I own a home and I have a Gucci bag! What more could a girl ask for? *Shit eating grin*

CWG: silence.

This was one of my favorite conversations of the weekend that was repeated many times before my lack of filter kicked in at the end of the night. I believe that my favorite quote came from an teenage wedding guest.

Young Naive Thing: I heard that the only reason that you’re still single is because you refuse to lower your standards.

SJ: True statement. But I’m pretty sure I’ll never lower them even if it means that I’m single forever.

YNT: Really? I can’t wait to get married.

SJ: Trust me you can wait.

As if the wedding guests didn’t remind me of my singledom enough, my amazing bride got me the books Better Single than Sorry and Be Honest, You’re Not That into Him Either. I’ll have to add them to my reading list, or use them as a door stop in my new house! (Just kidding Mere…I’ll get around to them.)


10 Things to do Before You Get Married

This one is hard…and I think this Post Secret pretty much sums things up for me. I have no idea what I one should do before they get married…but he’s a guess.
  1. Turn at least 25! Check. But I still have days where I think I’m too young for marriage.
  2. Fall in love with YOURSELF. This is a work in progress.
  3. Design your house/life with your own personal style and taste in mind, not what you think your other half would approve of. I have a pink bathroom, bright paisley printed chairs, etc. and now that I’ll have a house that’s all mine soon, I’m sure I’ll continue this process.
  4. Buy things you want, but don’t need, without having to ask for permission. I think this may be my favorite part of being single. Every girl needs a good pair of F*you Shoes!
  5. Get your career in order. Also, work in progress.
  6. Fall in lust with someone you’d never see yourself marrying. I think that this could be done a few more times…
  7. Buy yourself diamonds. No check here…I feel like I will do this one day…if I ever make my quota.
  8. Travel with your girlfriends. Can never be done enough…and I think should still be done post marriage.
  9. Do something you never thought you could do. I’ll have to let you know how this goes. I also never really thought that I could move to a new city alone. Or buy a house by myself.
  10. Fall truly madly deeply in love! Wishing, wanting, hoping and praying.

Love is 3/4 dream and 1/4 reality. Problems usually arise when you fall in love with the dream and not the reality. But, yet you find true love when you fall in love with both. -Unknown

Second Chance

Jane Green introduces a more serious side of her writing in the novel Second Chance. It’s a warm story about childhood friends who have lost touch over the years. The group is reunited by the death of one of their closest friends. This tragedy forces them to reexamine their lives, relationships and priorities.

I had a difficult time getting into the novel. There are so many different characters and story lines that I found it hard to connect to any of them fully. The material is a bit heavier than Green normally writes about, but in all honesty sometimes I read her books to just get away from life and a good laugh. This book made marriage/family/ real grown up life seem in a way undesirable.

Quote of the Weekend

The set up…Saturday evening at the neighborhood bar, Thomas Street Tavern. After a few cocktails and a tiny buzz, I look around and see a delicious boy at the bar.

SJ to SAS: Where did that BS go? He’s so stinkin’ cute!

SAS: I know…too bad you need to cash out so we can go home. We’re running at 7:30 in the morning!

SJ: Ugh. You know what the worst part is? Running is keeping me from meeting boys…but then again not running makes me have a fat booty, which in turn keeps me from meeting boys…I guess I need to run. Boo.


I have so many exciting things going on in my life right now, leaving me with lots of things to count down to!

4 Days until I go to Lexington!

6 Days until Meredith H. gets Married and becomes Meredith Bordas!

11 Days until I close on my HOUSE!!!

13 Days until the Bridge Run! Thanks to SAS and her Pops who pushed me to do 6 Miles this morning!

26 Days until I go to Keeneland!

36 Days until my first book club meeting!

37 Days until Sara Bareilles concert!

55 Days until Mike and MO’s wedding!

62 Days until John and Amy’s wedding!

Did I mention I have a full time job? Truth be told, I love being super busy and having something to look forward to!

The Story of Big Sexy…

Once upon a time, in early 2006, there was a delicious, free spirited girl trapped in a depressed, lonely girl’s body…for story sake, we’ll call her SJ.

SJ was sad because she had tried for years (5 to be exact) to make a silly boy, lets just call him Peter Pan, love her as much as she loved him. She lost herself while giving her all to Peter. Regardless of how awful he was to her, she believed that he would one day grow up and realize how amazing she was, and that he couldn’t possibly breathe without her. That dream was shattered when a fight over a belt (seriously, a belt), ended things for good.

At first SJ was sad because she thought she had lost the love of her life…thankfully she had some very great, very attractive friends that helped her pull through. Lucky for SJ, some of these friends lived down the street from her. When the weekend came they pulled SJ out of her apartment, drug her down the street, and forced her to get pretty and hit the town.

SJ to Blond Bombshell: “What are you wearing tonight”

BB: “The new shirt I just got from the B, and some jeans.”

SJ: “Can I barrow something? I want to look BIG SEXY tonight.”

And this is how the phrase “BIG SEXY” was born. It was originally a descriptive word, but then transpired into much more…

Within the next few months, SJ met a boy who she had known for years and always been attracted to. The problem with this boy was that every other girl in Lexvegas had been attracted to him too. Everyone she knew warned SJ not to let his Southern boy charm, charm her panties off. After a few run ins with the boy, they exchanged numbers and started taking. SJ was so excited to have a boy in her life to chat about again…the only problem was, she didn’t want to say his name when she was talking about him in public, as to not give away his cover.

One night, over cocktails with the girls at a well known hang out, lets just call it Malone’s, SJ was gossiping about her night out with the boy.

SJ to Hot Friend 1: “He’s so cute.” *blush*

HF1: “Didn’t boy used to date the bar tender?”

SJ: “Shhhh…don’t say his name. He does a lot of business here, and I don’t want someone to catch me gossiping. He’s not my BF or anything.”

HF2: “It’s not like he’s the only boy in town. Besides, you never know…he could be your BF.”

SJ: “No…he’s not BF material. He’s just my BIG SEXY.”

For the very short time SJ dated the boy, she referred to him as Big Sexy. It was fun, and the name took flight from there. Before she knew it, the girls were all calling their new boy toys Big Sexy. Actually, “Big Sexy” followed by a nick name. For example: Big Sexy Boom Boom, Big Sexy Dr. Boy, Big Sexy Snowboard Boy…you get the point.

And that my friends, is how Big Sexy was born.

Fast forward to the year 2008, and Big Sexy is still going strong and is being used many different ways:

As a name for a boy: “Big Sexy and I had a hot date last night.”

As an alternative for hooking up/making out: “I need some Big Sexy time.”

As a form of hotness: “I want to look big sexy tonight.” or “Look at you Big Sexy.”

Or to describe something: “That dress is Big Sexy.”

Feel free to use it whenever and however you choose, but don’t forget where it came from or how it makes you feel!

That being said…go out with your BS ladies, in your new BS dress, find a BS, and bring him home for some BS time and do VBTs to him!


10 Places I’d Take a Tourist to See In Westerville (my hometown)

This is a hard “Ten on a Tuesday” because my hometown of Westerville, OH is a suburb of Columbus and is pretty small (only about 36,000 people). So, if I weren’t cheating and taking them to fun places in Columbus…this is where I’d take them in Westerville.

  1. The Hanby House– Benjamin Hanby wrote the Christmas carol “Up on the House Top”. It’s a cute song and the house was part of the Underground Railroad.
  2. Hoover Grille– The story of Westerville is that it was home to the Anti-Saloon League during prohibition. For some silly reason, it remained dry until 2006! Hoover Grill was one of the first restaurants in Westerville to serve alcohol. It overlooks Hoover Dam (which for a long time I thought was the only Hoover- Don’t laugh, I am dumb-I know this.)
  3. The Pool at Highlands Park- As far as public pools go, this one rocks. It’s right across from my parents house.
  4. Westerville North High School- It’s been visited by several presidential candidates during election years, not to mention home to the streaker. Seriously. My little sis was there and saw the entire thing. Also, make sure you bring some spray paint so we can write on the rock outside of the school.
  5. Schniders Bakery- They open super early in the am and have the best donughts in town!
  6. Greaters Ice Cream in Uptown Westerville- It’s better than any other restaurant that has ever been in that spot…and good for people watching.
  7. Elegant Nails- This is the best nail salon, Bridget is amazing! Plus if you’re in Westerville, it’s the best place to catch up on good gossip!
  8. Inniswoods– It’s pretty. A good place to picnic and bird watch, not that I ever have, or take good pictures before any dance.
  9. Old Bag of Nails– Another one of the few places in Westerville you can go and drink. I’ve only been there once and it’s still hard for me to grasp that there’s a bar in Uptown Westerville.
  10. Straub Dance Center– This actually makes 2 trips. You see it used to be one, and now it’s two different dance studios. I grew up at the original in Uptown until the Big Split of Westerville Dancers and moved with Momma Straub and the baby of the bunch Suzy to the new school. The other sisters opened a school in the old spot! (We can drive by on the way to Greaters, Elegant Nails and OBN) *Thanks Michelle…I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning!

Truth be told, I haven’t lived in Westerville for 8 years now…things that I love there, I love because they are part of a lot of memories I have growing up, and would mean nothing to a typical tourist. Not to mention that a lot of them have changed, businesses have closed, and a lot of people who made those places great for me have moved away too! It was a good place to grow up…I just don’t know that I would take a tourist there for more than a day!