Ten on a Tuesday

I have been a bad Ten on a Tuesday participant lately…um…no real excuse. But I like it, so I’m going to try again. This is is Ten Favorite Drinks. The thing about drinks, is that I like different ones for different occasions. I guess mine is in no order, just what I like when, not like a true top ten. Bottoms up…or as SAS says, “Take it to…”, well perhaps this isn’t a good time to be quoting SAS. 🙂

Ten Favorite Drinks, and My Favorite Time to Sip (or pound) Them

  1. Diet Cherry Coke-Best for afternoon pick me up
  2. Starbucks Grande Non-Fat Carmel Machiato– Best for when you haven’t seen a Starbucks in miles and you’re about to crash.
  3. Stoli Raz Cosmo-Best for any time…or a night in a cocktail dress when you’re looking BS and want to add some sass.
  4. Water-Best for all the time.
  5. Vitamin Water (dragon fruit)-Best for Hangovers
  6. Wine-Best for business dinners, with good food, after a long day or for first dates…in moderation…ugh. PS- I heard 2004 was a good year! *I like almost all wine that doesn’t come in a box.
  7. Leinenkugel-Best for sitting on the patio at Thomas Street.
  8. HT Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee– Best for morning coffee at home with friends.
  9. Sonic Cherry Limeade-Best road stop drink. For all of you who don’t have Sonic, I feel for you.
  10. Stoli Raz/Tonic/ Splash of Cran/ Lime-Best signature drink, order at any place at any time.

One response to “Ten on a Tuesday

  1. We finally got a Sonic here. It’s at Polaris. I have only tried the milkshake, though. I will have to give the Cherry Limeade a go sometime soon!

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