10 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Spring

I had to think about this, becuase now that I live in the Carolina’s, I am not wishing that the snow would go away…

  1. Weddings: Mere H.’s wedding March 29th, Little Brother’s wedding May 31st, Mike and MO’s wedding May 17th. It’s not that I adore weddings…truth be told, they wear me out. But I love seeing people in love, and I have reasons to get back to Lexvegas and catch up with my friends that I’m missing so much.
  2. Closing on my house: April 3rd is the set date…I can’t wait! It’s exciting and scary all at once!
  3. Cooper River Bridge Run: April 5th. I’m so excited and nervous. Not to mention that when it’s all said and done with, I can get my shoes back from SAS’s house!
  4. Tulips: I love them. They are only around in the spring…I can’t wait.
  5. Keeneland: I’m not sure that I’ll get to make it there, but I hope that I do! I love the tailgating, dressing up, seeing old friends…did I mention that the horses are nice too?However, the safest place to bet your money is on the bar…it seems to have the best ROI.
  6. The Return of TV: I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next for the Housewives, Grey’s docs, and a few other shows. Thank goodness Tyra has already started with a new band of “wanna-be C list” models.
  7. Spring Forward=Longer Days: I hate this week because the time changes, but I love that the days are long. They make it perfect for other things I’m looking forward to…
  8. Longer Days+ Happy Hours=Patios: I’m not sure where the fun patio’s in Charlotte are yet, but I’m sure I’ll find them. When I was in Lex, I would love to go to Cheapside after work the first day that the weather was remotely nice.
  9. Warmer weather=Dress time: Don’t get me wrong, I wear dresses all the time (even in the cold), but spring dresses make me feel feminine, girly and most importantly…comfortable!
  10. Big Sexies: All winter long, boys hibernate in the gym (and I do believe that they are all at the Dowd Y at 5p)…getting ready for warmer weather and cutting off all the food they devoured over the holidays. (Yes, men pack on the holiday poundage too!) Then they get out they’re short sleeve Polo’s and tees (and hopefully their credit cards to buy you drinks) and head out to patio in search for all the delicious big sexy women in their adorable spring dresses.

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