10 Places I’d Take a Tourist to See In Westerville (my hometown)

This is a hard “Ten on a Tuesday” because my hometown of Westerville, OH is a suburb of Columbus and is pretty small (only about 36,000 people). So, if I weren’t cheating and taking them to fun places in Columbus…this is where I’d take them in Westerville.

  1. The Hanby House– Benjamin Hanby wrote the Christmas carol “Up on the House Top”. It’s a cute song and the house was part of the Underground Railroad.
  2. Hoover Grille– The story of Westerville is that it was home to the Anti-Saloon League during prohibition. For some silly reason, it remained dry until 2006! Hoover Grill was one of the first restaurants in Westerville to serve alcohol. It overlooks Hoover Dam (which for a long time I thought was the only Hoover- Don’t laugh, I am dumb-I know this.)
  3. The Pool at Highlands Park- As far as public pools go, this one rocks. It’s right across from my parents house.
  4. Westerville North High School- It’s been visited by several presidential candidates during election years, not to mention home to the streaker. Seriously. My little sis was there and saw the entire thing. Also, make sure you bring some spray paint so we can write on the rock outside of the school.
  5. Schniders Bakery- They open super early in the am and have the best donughts in town!
  6. Greaters Ice Cream in Uptown Westerville- It’s better than any other restaurant that has ever been in that spot…and good for people watching.
  7. Elegant Nails- This is the best nail salon, Bridget is amazing! Plus if you’re in Westerville, it’s the best place to catch up on good gossip!
  8. Inniswoods– It’s pretty. A good place to picnic and bird watch, not that I ever have, or take good pictures before any dance.
  9. Old Bag of Nails– Another one of the few places in Westerville you can go and drink. I’ve only been there once and it’s still hard for me to grasp that there’s a bar in Uptown Westerville.
  10. Straub Dance Center– This actually makes 2 trips. You see it used to be one, and now it’s two different dance studios. I grew up at the original in Uptown until the Big Split of Westerville Dancers and moved with Momma Straub and the baby of the bunch Suzy to the new school. The other sisters opened a school in the old spot! (We can drive by on the way to Greaters, Elegant Nails and OBN) *Thanks Michelle…I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning!

Truth be told, I haven’t lived in Westerville for 8 years now…things that I love there, I love because they are part of a lot of memories I have growing up, and would mean nothing to a typical tourist. Not to mention that a lot of them have changed, businesses have closed, and a lot of people who made those places great for me have moved away too! It was a good place to grow up…I just don’t know that I would take a tourist there for more than a day!


3 responses to “10 Places I’d Take a Tourist to See In Westerville (my hometown)

  1. Sara!! How about the dance studio?? Or a least a drive by on the way to Schneiders and Graeters!! 🙂


  2. You’re right…fixed it! What was I thinking???

  3. Princess Extraordinaire

    Believe it or not my cousin lives in Westerville…small world!

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