The Story of Big Sexy…

Once upon a time, in early 2006, there was a delicious, free spirited girl trapped in a depressed, lonely girl’s body…for story sake, we’ll call her SJ.

SJ was sad because she had tried for years (5 to be exact) to make a silly boy, lets just call him Peter Pan, love her as much as she loved him. She lost herself while giving her all to Peter. Regardless of how awful he was to her, she believed that he would one day grow up and realize how amazing she was, and that he couldn’t possibly breathe without her. That dream was shattered when a fight over a belt (seriously, a belt), ended things for good.

At first SJ was sad because she thought she had lost the love of her life…thankfully she had some very great, very attractive friends that helped her pull through. Lucky for SJ, some of these friends lived down the street from her. When the weekend came they pulled SJ out of her apartment, drug her down the street, and forced her to get pretty and hit the town.

SJ to Blond Bombshell: “What are you wearing tonight”

BB: “The new shirt I just got from the B, and some jeans.”

SJ: “Can I barrow something? I want to look BIG SEXY tonight.”

And this is how the phrase “BIG SEXY” was born. It was originally a descriptive word, but then transpired into much more…

Within the next few months, SJ met a boy who she had known for years and always been attracted to. The problem with this boy was that every other girl in Lexvegas had been attracted to him too. Everyone she knew warned SJ not to let his Southern boy charm, charm her panties off. After a few run ins with the boy, they exchanged numbers and started taking. SJ was so excited to have a boy in her life to chat about again…the only problem was, she didn’t want to say his name when she was talking about him in public, as to not give away his cover.

One night, over cocktails with the girls at a well known hang out, lets just call it Malone’s, SJ was gossiping about her night out with the boy.

SJ to Hot Friend 1: “He’s so cute.” *blush*

HF1: “Didn’t boy used to date the bar tender?”

SJ: “Shhhh…don’t say his name. He does a lot of business here, and I don’t want someone to catch me gossiping. He’s not my BF or anything.”

HF2: “It’s not like he’s the only boy in town. Besides, you never know…he could be your BF.”

SJ: “No…he’s not BF material. He’s just my BIG SEXY.”

For the very short time SJ dated the boy, she referred to him as Big Sexy. It was fun, and the name took flight from there. Before she knew it, the girls were all calling their new boy toys Big Sexy. Actually, “Big Sexy” followed by a nick name. For example: Big Sexy Boom Boom, Big Sexy Dr. Boy, Big Sexy Snowboard Boy…you get the point.

And that my friends, is how Big Sexy was born.

Fast forward to the year 2008, and Big Sexy is still going strong and is being used many different ways:

As a name for a boy: “Big Sexy and I had a hot date last night.”

As an alternative for hooking up/making out: “I need some Big Sexy time.”

As a form of hotness: “I want to look big sexy tonight.” or “Look at you Big Sexy.”

Or to describe something: “That dress is Big Sexy.”

Feel free to use it whenever and however you choose, but don’t forget where it came from or how it makes you feel!

That being said…go out with your BS ladies, in your new BS dress, find a BS, and bring him home for some BS time and do VBTs to him!



7 responses to “The Story of Big Sexy…

  1. Oh, I loved this post! And I love, love, love ‘Big Sexy’! I’m going to make all my friends start using it!

  2. I would like to do some VBTs with a BS but they all keep moving!

  3. Referring to the beginning of the entry…….”And then you put a frozen turkey on top of all his belongings he had left at the apartment!” 🙂

  4. Oh how wonderful the story of infamous BIG SEXY!!I remember it like it was yesterday:( So I’m pretty sure this damn blog just made my day. I can’t stop laughing. It was great talking to you last night. I cannot wait to see you next weekend. I have a BS dress for you and just maybe we can find some new BS men in Lexington!! Love you

  5. Hope- I’m so excited that people in Greece will be saying BIG SEXY! You just made my day!!!

    Jules- You will find a BS in Pburg…and then you will do all the VBTs to him that you do sooo well.

    LJ- How could I not mention the Turkey Situation…perhaps another blog another day!

    Tiff- I can’t wait to see you and all my other Lex girls. Perhaps we’ll bump into the Original BS, and show him all the BS that is me that he’s been missing!

    Love you Lots!


  6. i miss you, big sexy! p.s. can’t wait to see you NOT look like shrek this weekend.

  7. xdha, i love this! i saw the cupcakes and was wondering what it meant! ill try and incorporate it into my lingo!

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