Can I Get a Handyman, Please?

…and can you make sure he’s BIG SEXY?

This week’s “Ten on a Tuesday”, is 10 things you’d fix in your house if you had the time and money. Since I’m closing on Thursday (ahhhh!), I’m going to tell you ten things I’d like to do to improve my house! It’s newly renovated, so there’s not too much that needs done! Plus, the house I rent now is in the same complex and identical to the one I’m buying, so these improvements are things that I think about all the time.

Ten Things to Make My Home Killer!
  1. Paint- the entire house needs to be painted before I move in! There’s only primer on the walls right now.
  2. Kitchen light- There is a hideous neon light there right now. UGH! I tried to find one tonight, but the selection was lacking.
  3. Back splash in the kitchen behind the stove– Needs no explanation.
  4. Landscape the back yard- The pine straw needs to go ASAP!
  5. Patio furniture- Debating on lounge chairs or table and chairs.
  6. Dimmers on downstairs lights- These are a must! Otherwise it’s too bright. Don’t we all need dimmers to set the mood? BS Style?
  7. Chair for office/reading room- Some times it’s too work like to blog at the desk.
  8. Hardware on kitchen cabinets- this will be a nice value add, but sounds like a weekend project in the next few months.
  9. Art– My house is in need of more of this.
  10. Crown molding upstairs- There will be crown molding downstairs, but I’d love to have it in the bedrooms too.

3 responses to “Can I Get a Handyman, Please?

  1. Sounds like you’d be busy 🙂

    Mine’s up too!

  2. Can we see a picture of your house? I am sure you are so excited for Thursday!! You will officially be a homeowner!

  3. I agree with Michelle! You have to show us pictures of your new house! How exciting!

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