Green Means Go…Gym Style.

Any old sorority girl out there knows that there’s nothing better to do on a week night than have a mixer! In Kentucky, no girls mixed it up quite as good as ours did! We usually had a theme: Around the World, Marriage, Heaven and Hell, Find Your Sis a Date, and the infamous Stoplight Mixer. After my freshman year, I foolishly got caught up in a relationship and work and never got to participate in a Stoplight mixer, but I heard they were a blast.

A stoplight mixer, is a party where guys and girls color coordinate their attire with the appropriate color for there relationship status:

RED: In a relationship.
YELLOW: It’s Complicated./Dating
GREEN: Come and get me!

There have been numerous nights out, where I have thought that this dress code should apply Friday and Saturday night, but then again I think I would get sick of green. Since moving to Charlotte, I haven’t seen tons of attractive guys while going out to the bars. They’re always hammered, you can’t have a decent conversation and I’m pretty sure there focus of the night is you getting to know there bed, not so much them.
I’ve found that all of the attractive men in Charlotte leave there banker jobs Uptown and head to the Dowd YMCA between the hours of 6-8PM. The problem with this is,while working out my iPod is blaring the new DK song, my hair is a hot mess, and the remaining mascara from the day is accentuating the large bags under my eyes. (Not to mention that the men, for the most part, are so absorbed in themselves and there workout to notice women are there at all.)
While on the Stair “Booty” Master tonight, an adorable Big Sexy jumped on the one next to me. He had just started his work out and so did I, so neither of us were super gross just yet. He was reading some business papers (I find this incredibly big and sexy) with iPod on as well. After about 5 minutes of stepping and trying not to stare at his delicious biceps, I started to think about what he was like, where he may work and of course…is he single. As I looked out into the rest of the gym, I caught about 5-10 other attractive men working on their fitness…and this was only the cardio/machine room. I can only imagine what the large free weight room is hiding from me! Who are these men, and why do I only ever see them at the Y?
I decided that once a week, the Y should have Stoplight Fitness Night, where the dress code would be that of a stop light mixer. If you didn’t want anyone to talk to you…just wear black or gray, that way we would know to leave you alone. If you think about it, if you’re at the gym at least you have one thing in common: you want to look hot! I think this is pretty much perfect, since Nike just came out with some pretty adorable green workout gear and the Livestrong collection, since my life is more of a green or yellow (on a good week).
Then, next time when Big Sexy Studying Stair Master boy sees me in my new green shorts, there will be no denying that, yes, I will have dinner with you on Saturday night!

4 responses to “Green Means Go…Gym Style.

  1. Problem is, I need to get my fat ass to the gym before I can participate in your stoplight-type gym dress code. Great idea though!

  2. I am always reading! BTW we met a couple in VA Beach this past weekend at a wedding and they too live in Charlotte and go to the Y SO funny that you mentioned it in your blog! They even went to the Y in VA Beach, just because they could!
    I love your idea, i say wear the green, I bet it will work!!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  3. The Y in Charlotte is AMAZING!! It’s better than any other gym…think Lifetime fitness in Cbus. Although, there’s no rock wall.

  4. sexy lexi words it out

    I came across your blog and think this idea is brilliant – Just love it! I really enjoyed reading some of your entries so I’ll definitely be stopping by again – keep it up!

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