Get Over It!

Can you spot me in the crowd of 30 thousand? What? You can’t? Don’t you see my Big Sexy Runner Tee? It’s got bright pink writing! How could you miss me? Oh wait, I guess I’m not leading the pac!

When I look at this picture from the Charleston Post, I still can’t believe that I did it! When I think back to when I decided to do this, I had no idea what it would take to get over the two mile stretch of bridge that connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant. Let alone complete 6.2 miles total.

When BSBB said, Sara, are you sure you can do that? It’s like running to your hotel downtown from the Mustard Seed. The first quiver of doubt hit me. That was in January. I was going to show him he was wrong. I can do anything I put my mind to, and that I’m willing to work hard enough to get.

For those of you not following my blog for long, let me fill you in: I don’t like to run. Mostly because I’ve never been good at it. Prior to January, I hadn’t run even run 1 mile without stopping. I usually partake in other forms of cardio, like Zumba (another blog, another day). Some may ask, Why in God’s green earth would you decide to run in a 10K, if you hate running?

The answer is simple: I need to get over it. This year, my goal is to get over things, so that they don’t get over me. In other words, conquer the unthinkable. Now this may seem like a strange thing to begin with, running. But it’s more of a mental workout for me than anything else.

Because so many of you couldn’t be there with me, I’ll fill you in with a brief synopsis, mile for mile.

THE STARTING LINE through MILE 1: I love to people watch. This may be one of the best places to do so. Me *the novice rookie goober*, surrounded by professionals. Yes, I am fully aware that I did not belong in the front of the race, but I needed to take it all in. Tons of big time runners, doing their big time runner work out. Then there’s me, the only reason anyone was looking at me was to figure out what “BSR” (Big Sexy Runners) on my shirt stood for. Then, once they realized I was in there way, they gave me a big shove and went on by. Only after looking at the color of my number, realizing I had cut in line and shaking there head as to say, “You’re an idiot.”

MILE 2: The humidity set it, along with the fact that I was overwhelmed with excitement on mile 1, and decided not to breathe or pace myself.

MILE 3/4: The bridge. UGH. Straight incline. I wanted to quit, screw the shoes, screw getting over it. What ever possessed me to do this? I was over it. Then SAS looked over at me and said, “You can do it. DONT STOP. DON’T YOU DARE START WALKING.” UGH. I wanted to punch her in the face. I wanted to stop. I wanted to cry. Then I decided I wanted to get over it.

MILE 5: Once you get off the bridge you think, I’m almost done! There’s even a big balloon arch, and screaming people. They trick you into thinking that you’re almost done. I was almost dead, in the South Carolina heat my palms were sweating (along with the rest of my body), my knees were aching and my heart was getting weak. Just when you think that you’ve conquered the beast, you realize that there’s still 2.2 miles left to go.

“I quit SAS. I can’t go on.”- SJ

“If you quit, you will HATE YOURSELF.”- SAS

This was a truth. Had I stopped, I would have hated myself for sure. I don’t know what I would have done without her supporting me. Not to mention that the other runners around me were cheering me on as well!

THE FINISH: Am I a masochist? Seriously. This is all that I could think. SAS grabbed my hand and said, “I’m not finishing this without you. Move it.” And we did. Just as we got to the finish line, we ran past Bob Ellis. I saw CL shoes, and it reminded me that that the bridge was just the start of fears to conquer.

We finished the race in 1:02:14. A steady 10 minute mile. Not the winning time. But for some reason, I still feel like a winner.

PS- As soon as we got back to the house. The first thing I did was put on my SHOES!!

**Thanks to SAS and ET. BSR for life. You are my support for more than just running. There are many things I don’t think I could get over without you! LYMI. Thanks to my friends and fam who called and wished me luck and praise.

What do you want to get over?
My advice: Start small. No goal is too big, or too small. It’s all in your head and your heart. You control far more than you think you do.

3 responses to “Get Over It!

  1. whoa! that’s what it looked like!? i can’t imagine! my brother lives right off the mt. pleasant side of the bridge!!

  2. yeah for you! thats great!

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