Talent and Looks…How did they get so lucky?

I love celebs, but I rarely blog about them. This is mostly due to so many other blogs like Perez, Just Jared and Pink is the New Blog, that have a pretty good hold on this market. Not to mention that I don’t have the extra bucks to pay a camera crew to get the newest and hottest pics.

This week’s 10 is your favorite actors/actresses. This is in no order what so ever. It’s hard to put the boys and girls all in one group…but here’s my go.

  1. Audrey Hepburn– An American Icon. Impeccable style and class. A wonderful humanitarian with an amazing talent. My hands down favorite of all time!
  2. Jack Nicholson– He’s had dozens of quotable movies that will be watched for decades.
  3. Reese Witherspoon-I love almost everything she is in. She’s always changing it up a bit, and I think she’s super classy and has great style (especially since her divorce).
  4. Matthew McConaughey– If you look up Big Sexy in Wikipedia, this is what you get. Truth be told, the OBS reminds me of him a bit…it must be that Southern Charm.
  5. Scarlett Johansson-She pretty much just screams I’m Big Sexy! I love that she’s not skin and bones. I love her timeless look. Not to mention that I think she’s a decant actress.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio– I have loved him since Growing Pains. I think he’s one of the best actors of our time and that he will be around for years and years to come.
  7. Bette Midler– Say what you wish about this pick, but Beaches, The First Wives Club and Gypsy are some of my favorite movies ever.
  8. Morgan Freeman– He’s pretty great. All his movies leave me on the edge of my seat.
  9. Nicole Kidman– She’s an amazing talent. I would also like to steal her wardrobe and personal trainer and husband.
  10. Brad Pitt– Because you’re hot. HOT. HOT. HOT. (I know Brandy disagrees, but he can adopt me any day.)

**My little sister would be sad if I didn’t give a shout out to her Big Sexy Actor James Franco.


2 responses to “Talent and Looks…How did they get so lucky?

  1. Hi..just dropping in from the 10 on Tuesday to read your list! Some of them could have been on my list too…but, we do share a few.

    Have a great day…

  2. i fell in love with morgan freeman after bruce almighty. i think he made a great God. :]

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