Letting Go.

SJ: But SAS, I love those…I wore them this one day, to this one party, where I saw this one boy…

SAS: If you can put them on…zipper too.

SJ: But maybe after I run the Peach Tree…

SAS: No. Now!

SJ: *squeezing into a circa 2001 pair of pants* Maybe I shouldn’t even try it on. I mean it’s not like they don’t fit. They’re just a little…

SAS: I will never go anywhere with you in that!

I’m what they call overly sentimental. I love memories of the past-most of them. I’m so the “remember that one time, at that date party (mixer, dance show, night at the bar)” girl. Each time I move, I’m forced to purge. While most times I feel like this is liberating, this is my first real move since being in Charlotte, and each time I get rid of a halter top or a picture frame I feel like I’m loosing a piece of my past.

I guess in a way that I am.

1 year, 1 days and 11 hours and 53 minutes ago, I made the most lucrative decision I’ve made in my entire life-even more so than buying the house that I’m sitting in typing this. I packed my car full and moved to Philly to start a new. New job. New friends. New city. An adventure.

7 months, 2 weeks and six days ago I finally landed in Charlotte. Where everything I had worked for would start to settle.

SJ: I love this top.

SAS: And I’m sure that you’ll love the one you buy next weekend that fits and you love just as much!

SJ: Point well taken.

It’s hard to admit that things in the past just don’t fit. It’s hard to let go-of clothes, people, memories. But sometimes it’s better to purge. Everyone needs a fresh start every now and again.


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