Cinderella Strikes at Nordstrom

Dear Sara Jane,

Thank you for being such a valuable Nordstrom Customer. Since opening your line of credit in July, you have spent such an obscene amount of money we have decided to increase your credit limit so that you can continue to blow your hard earned cash on looking amazing.

Traci wanted us to let you know that she says hello! She had a great time bringing you the entire women’s department to try on last night. She wishes you good luck on your presentation this week and hopes that you win big at Keeneland! Did you say that the horse you’re going to see is Panty Raid? Did we mention we got a new shipment of Hanky Pankies in? We’re sure you’ll love them. Don’t worry, we plan on calling you to make sure you don’t forget us!

Randi hopes you love your new Paolos. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, you’ll be able to break out those Ash peep toes you picked up too! Don’t worry, even though you tried on every black pump that we currently have in stock, we will be getting more shipments in soon. We know that you said you didn’t really like the way the Jessica Simpson shoes fit, but when you left we noticed that you had left one of your personal Nine West pumps behind. Perhaps after keeping that one JS shoe for a few nights, you’ll see that they fit better than you thought they did! If you would like to purchase the pair, we have the left shoe (along with your old shoe) at the salon shoes department.

We look forward to taking more of your money very soon!


Nordstrom Manager
South Park Mall


2 responses to “Cinderella Strikes at Nordstrom

  1. *rolling* i LOVE it!!! this was a great entry! 😀

  2. haha, this is hillarious!

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