The Desire of Lust

The desire of love is to give. The desire of lust is to get.
– Ed Cole

She was single. (Isn’t she always?)

He was taken. (Of course.)

She was classic.

He was rough around the edges.

She couldn’t stand his arrogance, but the few times she saw his baby blues she couldn’t help but smile.

He couldn’t get over her attitude, but was intrigued by her confidence.

Aside from their attraction to each other they had very little in common…

He wasn’t her type.

She wasn’t his typical.

His mystery left her wanting to know more.

Her grace left him speechless.

She moved away. He was barely a memory.

He didn’t even know she was gone.


She had been there for hours.

He had only arrived.

Her friends were ready to go.

His friends were ready for more.

Their eyes locked. It was lust at first sight. Few words were spoken.

He asked, “Where did you go off to?”

She replied, “Away.”

She asked, “Aren’t you engaged?” *

He replied, “No.”

He said, “You’re beautiful. I’ve always thought so.”

She said, “Let’s leave.”


She’s still single.

He’s still taken.

She’s still gone.

He’s still there.

She wonders if he’s wondering.

He’d be a fool to not.

Only time will tell…

Well, time and the walls of the GPI!

*Disclaimer: Sources very close to the girl say that this question was asked many times throughout the night. Sources very close to the boy say that the girl didn’t ask the right question, which would have been more along the lines of “Do you have a girlfriend?” NOT “Are you engaged?”

One response to “The Desire of Lust

  1. So this is something I can completely relate to. Those first two lines especially.

    I loved, LOVED the way you wrote this!

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