The Older Crowd

“We’re grown-ups. When did that happen…and how do we make it stop?”

~Dr. Meredith Grey

There are days that I feel like all of the younger people I know, like the ones I used to babysit or my siblings are growing up before my eyes while I stay intact. Frozen as a twenty something. I am gaining wisdom and grace, but not aging.

That was until today, when I got a call from one of my little brothers friends. She’s applying for a position at my old company and wanted some advice. I was so happy to hear from her, I almost forgot that her graduating college meant that I was old…that was until this conversation.

SJ: I wish you would have called earlier. I was in town all weekend.

Young friend: I know. I would have loved to see you, what did you do?

SJ: We had dinner and then went to this new bar, actually we ended up there both nights. It was a good time. I saw tons of my friends.

YF: Yeah…I’ve been there to dance. It’s a good time, but sort of an older crowd…
SJ: I didn’t feel part of the “older” crowd until right now. Ugh.


Since when am I, a big sexy twenty something, part of the “Older Crowd”. I thought that this place was pretty chic. And it wasn’t swarming with fake IDs. I should have known it was made for the old folks.

It’s official. I’m a grown up. Can anyone make it stop?? Please?


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