Have you seen my rationale?

I think I lost it on my way to KY last week. If you find it, please return it to me. My soul is missing it.

I hate to admit it, but over the past week or so, I’ve made a few key decisions I’m not too proud of. They don’t seem too bad at the time, but looking back I have to think to myself “Seriously?”.

Today I was visiting with SAS at her salon on her break. When I was leaving, I was walking to my car and noticed a white truck blocking my way. I went to approach the driver to let them know that they would need to move their car…then I notice the driver is not in his car…HE’S IN MINE!! AHHHHH! There was a strange man sitting in my car!

Do I call the cops?

Do I go inside the salon and get someone?

Do I scream fire?

NO. Due to my lost rationale, I go up to my car and start yelling at the man.

SJ: WTF are you thinking? You’re in my car. WHAT ARE YOU DOING in MY CAR???

Creepy White Truck Man: I thought it was my brothers car and brother is a crack head who just broke into his house.

SJ: REALLY? Well then why are you holding the cast to my GPS?

I know I don’t always come off like a brainiac, but I’m pretty sure that he may be a crack head like his brother. I then proceed to push him and try to get him to wait for the cops. He got around me, jumped into his old white truck and drove away. I tried to go and catch his plates, but the little devil had already taken them off his car!


So, if you find my rationale on the side of I-77, please send it my way. I’d kill for it back. My sanity needs it.

*I’m very lucky that I am alright. Nothing was taken out of my car. I just feel like someone took a slice of my comfort and security. If this ever happens to you, which I hope it never does, call the cops, a friend or let them take your belongings. Just stay away.

3 responses to “Have you seen my rationale?

  1. This is crazy! My brother tried to fight someone once who was mugging him. My brother is not a big man, a fighter, and he was drunk.

  2. Sara!! That is NOT good! Please do not ever do that again. I am so glad you are okay. Put the police in your speed dial!

  3. That is really quite scary! Thankfully nothing worse happened!

    I hope you find your rationale soon!! 🙂

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