Dear Big Bill,

I am writing to request an extended vacation. I will need some time away from my lucrative account executive role (the one I waited 3 years to get and promised you that I would work harder and stronger than any of the other better qualified candidates) in order to pursue my life long dream of being a UFC/XFC bikini ring girl.

I will need a bit of time off for training, tanning, and some minor cosmetic surgery. If all goes according to plan, a delicious Big Sexy Cage Fighter (preferably one not taken) will sweep me off my feet and then I may never come back.

I have a feeling that this plan my have a few road blocks, so if you could hold my position open for perhaps a month or so in hopes of my return, that would be greatly appreciated.



2 responses to “Resignation.

  1. You are a riot. Let me know how this plan goes… maybe there’s a future in it for me, too?

  2. I’m pretty excited about this new possibility in your life:) I just love our conversations…esp the ones that end this way. Miss you more than you know!! BTW….you will still be the hottest BS @ the wedding with or without a date:) Love you tons.

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