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Welcome to the Good Life…

Is the Good Life better than the life I lived when I thought that I was gonna go CRAZY?
~Kanye West
Yes, yes it is Kanye! You see I was having this super bad week: boy drama, blogging drama, and work drama! Then I got a call from my Pop Tarts telling me to pack a suitcase because we’d be hitting South Florida for the holiday weekend. NO EXCUSES!
South Florida may never be the same after the filming
Pop Tarts: Can’t Hide Hot!
Take 1: Jet set (Maybe not “Jet”) to Miami. Settle. Lay at Pool. Dinner at Prime 112. Meet hot British Boys. Off to Mynt (The only club being selective in South Beach during Hip Hop weekend). Dance, drink GG, turn heads.

Take 2: Pool time, lunch time, nap time. Drinks with Beato (delicious), dinner at China Grill (also delicious), Pink Champagne at an undisclosed location (too fun for words)!

Take 3: Kick any sign of a hangover with a cocktail. Pack a cooler and jump on the hood of a yacht. Take said yacht up the inner coastal and wave at boats passing by. Yes…you read that right. I kept waiting for Kanye to drive by on his and give us a private concert, but not quite! Just a bunch of tourists confusing us for local celebs, brunch at Niki Marina (gangster), trying not to fry, shooting our own pictorial with the Cannon, and trying to keep our captains eyes on the water! They day turned to night and we grabbed a cab up to Ft. Lauderdale and met up with old friends at LaPlaya.
Good things the Pop Tarts take on the motto: “You sleep when you die.” Because I didn’t get a wink of sleep all weekend! I need a post mini break, mini break.
Where will the Pop Tarts take on next??? Surely somewhere Fabulous!
Hope you had a great holiday!!

Beautiful Boy

Addiction is something that I never truly could comprehend. I try to believe that you can control far more in your life than you will ever think that you can, but drug addiction seems to be something that takes you in it’s wrath and slowly but surely eats you alive.

When I was in a freshman college, I had a friend who lived lived larger than life. She had an addictive personality that made her fun and intriguing. As time passed, we made new friends and grew apart. Her new friends and life lead her down a winding path of cocaine. She had to be taken away for treatment and has been sober for almost 5 years. When I realized that addiction can take anyone, I became more and more interested in trying to understand it. Why can some people drink or dabble in small drugs (not that they should), while others can’t?
By David Sheff
David Sheff’s story speaks to addiction from a different point of view. He speaks to how you can try to do everything in your power to raise children in a loving, trusting home and still not be able to help them they way that you want to when drugs take over. This book shows the raw, relentless journey to overcome one of life’s largest hurdles. It tugged at my heartstrings just reading it, I can’t imagine living it.

The Truth of The Matter Is

Last week Chelsea Talks Smack wrote a post and asked, “What’s your truth?”. I told her that my truth is that I don’t always want the truth.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that the easiest person to lie to in life is yourself, and that you’ll never be able to convince anyone anything if you don’t believe it in your heart.

They say that “truth hurts”. But believe me when I say it hurts more to be caught in a lie. Especially a lie you sincerely wanted to believe.

I’m sorry.

Pop Tarts and Panty Drops

Sitting pool side with the Pop Tarts in Miami (blogging via blackberry) we see and adorable chunky blonde toddler. She’s walking over to her mother excited for pool time despite the clouds in the sky.
She gets about 10 feet away from her mother before she drops her pants! Leaving a cute white bottom for all to see. She was looking like she was out of an old Coppertone ad.

Mom to child:Pull your pants up. We’ve talked about this!

PT3: How stinkin cute is that?

PT2: Why do I feel like that’s going to be a problem that follows her for life?

PT1: Who are you kidding, you still have that problem!

PT1,2,3: Baaaahaaaa hahahaha. (With PT3 snorting a little while she laughs).

***Moral of the Story…some things in life never change.

Supermarket Sweep

Flustered. The only word to describe me lately. One big, giant hot mess. As I stood in line for the self check out at the Teeter (grocery story), a million thoughts raced through my head.

Is this all I need?

I wonder what my friends are doing….

What time do the files have to be sent in by to get the quote back in the morning?

What time is it now?

I need to call Blond Bombshell back…she sounded upset in her message.

I wonder if Pop-tart #1’s gma is doing any better.

I would love to get a spray tan tomorrow, but do I have time?

I’m starving.

I can’t believe that project pushed.

Should I be eating pasta?

I am going to South Beach, I don’t think this is part of the South Beach diet.

Screw diets.

Maybe if I was skinnier, the BSBB would still be in lust with me.

Is there anything that I can do to make those customers change their mind?

Dinner is so much more fun when I have C&C and Co. around.

That cop thinks I’m an idiot. He won’t even smile at me. He has no idea what a “Pom Squad Reunion” in Queen City is like. Clearly he was never on pom squad, so what if we are in a fire lane.

Finally a lane is open. I scan my card. I scan my 3 items.

I hate U Scan. It just shows the lack of customer service these days.

What is it that I have to get done tonight?

I hope David Cook wins Idol.

If I get out of here, I might get to catch the tail end as soon as all my work is done.

I bag my groceries and walk out the door.

Pop Tart #2 didn’t answer. But she just called me.

Cute boy in Audi.

Very cute. Too bad I just got done at Zumba and I’m all sweaty. I always look gross at the grocery.

I love Zumba.

Why aren’t you answering the phone?

What time is it again?

Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks….

Where is my receipt?

How did I pay for these items?????


I don’t think I did! EEEEeeeeeek!

OMG…I just robbed the Teeter!

I make a sharp U-turn and pull back into the parking lot.

I see the cop…I try not to make any eye contact because he clearly thinks I’m a space cadet. I bow my head…

SJ: Hi…um…did I just leave here and forget to pay. I am soooo stupid…so, so sorry. I feel like a fool.

HT Worker: Thank you so much for coming back. I just voided it. So…if you could go get your items and come back in a scan them and pay this time…that would be great.

Head still down, I walk back out to the car and get my bag.

I see you looking at me cop. Don’t arrest me for less than $10 worth of groceries. I’m not a thief. I came back.

I scanned my items, this time with a blank pallet in my mind. This time making sure that I competed all the steps, paid my bill and took my receipt.

Maybe I am a space cadet. But I’m not a thief. I’m not sure if this HT incident or this shoe incident is worse?

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done lately?

Captain Chef

I know that I have talked ill of The Chef before, but I left off one very important detail of his demeanor. He truly thinks that he’s a pirate. Not the cute Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp sort of man, but the swashbuckler, dirty, drunken Captain Hook sort of pirate.

He used to say things like, “Arrrgggghhh…I’m a pirate.”

I just sort of let it go. But this weekend, at a mutual friends wedding (Mike and MO), he took it to an entire new level and tried to steal my panties with his pirate pick up lines.

Chef: I’m a pirate. Arrrggghhh.

SJ: I know.

Chef: SJ, if you were a pirate….

SJ: Which I’m not…

Chef: Would you keep your parrot on this shoulder (tapping the shoulder closest to him), or THIS shoulder? (Reaching around my body to put his drunken arm around my body and pull me close to him.)

SJ: Well…(pushing him off of me) I would keep my bird in the cage…WHERE BIRDS BELONG.

Chef: I guess you’re not really a pirate, huh?

He sincerely looked disappointed that I wasn’t ready to go sail the 7 Seas. But that didn’t stop him from following me around all night like I was his lost treasure chest. I guess I usually find the more Peter Pan types that don’t want to grow up…now I’ve got a Captain Hook to add to the list.

Special thanks to Brett and Morgan for doing there best to keep him at an arms length!

PS- The wedding was AMAZING!Hands down, one of the best I’ve ever been to!

Quote of the Moment

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.

~William Sloan