Ten Things I Hate About You: Part 2

After the texting conversation with the chef and a polite phone call not at midnight, I accepted his dinner invitation with honest hopes that perhaps things had changed and he had stepped up his game.

Why do I get my hopes up?

We went to his restaurant. We sat in the bar. We were constantly interrupted by his staff and we pretty much did things his way. Aside from his new hair cut, nothing had changed.


SJ: No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get rid of you.

TC: Rid of me? What’s that supposed to me. We just work. We have that connection, you know?

SJ: Well…err…no, I don’t really know. You see..there’s just too many things that don’t really work. Sort of…errr…deal breakers.

TC: What do you mean?

SJ: I don’t know that you want to know…

TC: No, tell me.

SJ: Well…for starters we have a different lifestyle. I want to go on “dates”, not just hang out after you’ve been drinking, after you’ve worked all day. And the drinking…you do it a lot. Like a lot a lot.

TC: I mean, I stopped for a while after my accident.

SJ: I need someone who’s charming, chivalrous.

TC: Are you saying I’m not charming? I don’t have manners?

SJ: I’m just saying that’s what I need.

TC: I have manners…didn’t I when I took you on that date.

SJ: You mean the one time that we went out, as in left the house? The one time that you’ve reminded me of 100 times? Is that the time you’re referring to? You mean the time that you walked to my side of the car to unlock the door and didn’t open said door before getting in yourself? How did I forget about your charm? Need I say more?

*Lets not forget, I’m sitting with him in his restaurant. His staff interupting every 5 minutes. Also, this is a very condensed version of the conversation.

TC: I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone talk to me like this before.

SJ: Well, I’m sure that you’ve never tried to date a girl like me before.

TC: I take it I don’t have a chance of staying with you tonight?

SJ: Really?


Needless to say, we haven’t talked since. And people ask me why I’m still single.

One response to “Ten Things I Hate About You: Part 2

  1. all i have to say is – good for you!!! once i get going on something i go off like that too. sounds like he needed to hear it!

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